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What Sauces Does KFC Have?

Kentucky Fried Chicken, or as everyone probably knows it, KFC, has a selection of the most delectable sauces that have garnered quite a devoted following. Among the most popular sauces at KFC are the classic Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce, honey BBQ Sauce, and a classic ranch sauce.

But what sauces does KFC have, and which ones should you pick to use? Well, we’ve tested and tasted each sauce and based them on their individual flavors and flexibility, ranking them from best to worst. Our list will guide you in finding the perfect accompaniment on your hunt for what sauces KFC has.

Ranking All KFC Sauces (Worst to Best)


We, along with many others, have to consider ketchup sauce at KFC to be the least favorable ketchup option out there. While it does offer more flavor than the honey sauce, with a blend of sweet tomato, tangy vinegar, and various spices, there’s still not a massive amount going on here in terms of flavor.

But it’s still great for slathering on a sandwich or dipping your fries into. It’s most versatile with potatoes, hot dogs, chicken, beef, and any meat you can think of. So, while it may not be the most exciting option, it does have its practical uses.

I just think the biggest downside is that it’s just a bit boring. Combine this with its polarizing flavor, and it’s safe to say that there are plenty of more popular options you can choose from at KFC.

KFC Sauce – Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce

The KFC honey sauce, primarily sweetened with corn syrup, is an interesting addition to the menu, but unfortunately, it lacks the gentle, earthy flavor of real honey. The use of corn syrup gives the sauce a sugary sweetness without any distinctive flavor. 

Despite this, I’ve found that it pairs perfectly with KFC’s biscuits, complementing their savory taste quite well. However, it falls short of making it into my top 3 because it’s not versatile enough to complement all items on the KFC menu. It tastes like a liquid version of KFC’s famous eleven herbs and spices mixed with honey mustard. 

While some people describe hints of mayonnaise and ketchup, I personally don’t detect those flavors. To me, it lacks creaminess and instead offers a blend of spices with a tangy honey mustard finish.

Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce

Honey Mustard

The honey mustard KFC sauce is marketed as a sauce that can elevate the KFC experience to the next level, but I’ve found that the sauce fell short compared to the other options. It does boast a more complex flavor profile that’s said to complement anything from wings to fries.

And yes, while it can indeed make your chicken taste better and can be a great addition to biscuits, fries, and slaw, I couldn’t help but feel that it may be a bit overpowering. It tended to drown out some of the more subtle flavors, like the herbs and spices in the chicken. It even lacked the kick that I usually expect from a mustard-based sauce, with less heat than I’d prefer.

Honey Sauce

The KFC honey sauce is a special addition to the menu, bringing a delightful sweetness that makes the dining experience even better. Although it mostly uses corn syrup for sweetness and lacks the gentle, earthy flavor of honey, it still goes really well with KFC’s tasty biscuits, making their savory flavor even more enjoyable.

Even when drizzled over chicken, the sweet and subtle honey sauce adds a hint of sweetness that beautifully balances out the savory notes. It also serves as a perfect accompaniment to spicy tenders, effectively mellowing out the heat and adding a layer of complexity to the flavor profile. This versatility lands its favor among many, and it’s fourth-place ranking.

Honey BBQ

I’ve got to say KFC’s honey BBQ sauce has earned its place as one of my top choices. It flawlessly blends genuine American BBQ sauce with a subtle touch of sweet honey. The result? A perfect harmony of sweet, smoky, tangy, and just a hint of heat that elevates any meal, especially when paired with KFC’s crispy fried chicken. 

While other honey sauces can be overwhelmingly sweet, this one is just the perfect balance of the sweetness of honey with the boldness of BBQ sauce.

KFC sauce
Honey BBQ sauced wings

Hot Sauce

KFC’s hot sauce is truly something you wanna check out. It boasts a fiery kick with a hint of sweetness to mellow it out, while the vinegar infuses a tangy bite without becoming overpowering. The blend of cayenne pepper, brown sugar, vinegar, and other delicious spices creates a perfect balance of spice.

We’ve placed this sauce as second because of its versatility and delicious flavor. It’s easy to mix it with some of the other dishes that KFC has to offer. It could be on chicken or drizzling it over your fries. If you’re a fan of a little heat with a touch of sweetness and tang, KFC’s hot sauce is a must-try.

Classic Ranch

The classic ranch KFC sauce is the pinnacle of KFC sauces. Its rich, creamy texture, combined with an absolutely delicious herb mix and just a splash of black pepper, creates a flavor sensation that pairs with any and every dish. This is thanks to the blend of onion, garlic, and herbs.

One of the things I love most about this sauce is how it can be used. It goes with nearly everything. Crispy chicken tenders? Drizzled over a fresh salad? Used as a flavorful topping for a burger? The classic ranch KFC sauce never fails to impress.

Classic KFC ranch sauce


Are Any KFC Sauces Vegan?

No, KFC sauces are not vegan. Most contain honey, which is a product of bees, making them non-vegan.

Are KFC Sauces Free?

No, KFC charges for extra sauces. The price may vary depending on the type of sauce and location. However, some meal deals may include a free sauce or two. It’s always a good idea to check the menu or ask the staff about the sauce prices before placing your order.

Does KFC Sauces Need to be Refrigerated?

KFC sauces do not need to be refrigerated before opening. However, it’s recommended to store them in a cool and dry place after opening to maintain their quality and flavor. It’s also important to consume the sauce within a reasonable time frame after opening to avoid any potential spoilage or contamination.

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