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What Sauces Does Shake Shack Have?

Shake Shack food and sauces have solidified its reputation as one of the top fast-food restaurants in the country. Even Wendy’s sauces and food have stiff competition with this one. So, what sauces does Shake Shack have that make them so great?

Shake Shack offers Shack Sauce, a herb mayonnaise sauce, and the classic BBQ sauce. But this isn’t all! So, let’s jump into all of Shake Shake’s sauces.

💡 All Shake Shack Sauces

You can find reference to Shake Shack’s sauce calorie info with their nutritional guide!

Cheese Sauce

Shake Shack’s sauces never disappoint, and their cheese sauce is a testament to that. They’ve used the best ways to thicken cheese sauce, as it’s just perfect in richness and smoothness. At just 80 calories, this blend of American and Cheddar cheese shines as a dipping sauce for the crinkle-cut fries and bacon cheese fries. It also serves as a delectable topping to the classic Shack Burger.

Shake Shack’s Signature Shack Sauce

A Shake Shack signature sauce that shakes the sauce game. This game-changer boasts a tangy, slightly sweet taste and a creamy texture with a golden hue. The mixture of mayo, Dijon mustard, ketchup, kosher dill pickling brine, and some mysterious “Shack spices” really is delicious. This sauce is best enjoyed with a classic Shack Burger, Crinkle-Cut Fries, or the Chicken Shack. At just 60 calories, I’d say it’s well worth it.

Shake Shack burger with signature sauce.

Black Truffle Sauce

This is not a sauce you’d usually expect, but it’s one with a super tasty surprise in each bite. It’s a sumptuous and aromatic treat with an earthy taste bound with mayo. Despite being 140 calories, it doesn’t stop the bonus flavor it adds when drizzled over a juicy steak or generously slathered onto a burger. For an even more fantastic experience, try pairing it with the classic Shack Burger or the whopping Shack Stack.

Honey Mustard Sauce

Ah, the classic honey mustard sauce featured in many chains like McDonald’s sauces and Arby’s Sauces. Except, Shake Shack’s sauce is quite different from the others. It doesn’t veer into the sweet side and has a delicious balance of tangy and sweet flavors. Its glossy and sticky texture, with 180 calories, is more than fitting for their tender chicken or crunchy fries.

Shack Shake burger with honey mustard sauce.

Herb Mayonnaise Sauce

This is perhaps one of the tastiest types of sauces at Shake Shack. The sauce merges the silky creaminess of mayonnaise with the freshness of finely chopped herbs. With just 90 calories, it really is a light and airy pairing for their Crispy Chicken Sandwich and fries. But I’d say it matches the chicken and mushroom burgers just perfectly.

BBQ Sauce

Shake Shack has taken a restaurant classic and layered it with double the flavor. It combines smokiness, sweetness, and spiciness in the most perfect BBQ sauce. Even the techniques for thickening BBQ sauce they use are second to none. A rich and thick consistency that matches with their Shake Shack’s fries, burgers, and chicken sandwiches. At just 70 calories, you can add a drop to any meal you want. 

🧐 FAQs

Can I buy Shake Shack sauces?

As of now, Shake Shack has not made their sauces available for retail purchase. However, you can still experience their delicious sauces by ordering your favorite items directly from Shake Shack’s menu.

Does Shake Shack sell shack sauce?

Shake Shack does not offer its Shack Sauce for sale, but you can request and purchase additional servings at their restaurant.

Are Shake Shack sauces made in-house?

Yes, Shake Shack sauces are made in-house using high-quality ingredients. The sauces are prepared fresh daily to ensure their quality and taste.

Are refills for sauces free at Shake Shack?

No, Shake Shack does not offer free refills for sauces. However, you can purchase additional sauces for a small fee.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.