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What Sauces Does Burger King Have?

All hail the King of burgers themselves, Burger King. They have the best burgers and some of the best sauces around. It even competes with KFC’s sauces and Taco Bell’s sauces in terms of flavor. But what sauces does Burger King have that can compete with or topple these giants?

Burger King has a sweet n sour, mayo, ranch, and honey mustard sauce. But this isn’t all. So, let’s hop into the sauce Kingdom of Burger King.

💡 All Burger King Sauces

Sweet & Sour Sauce

This sweet and sour sauce has one of the best jelly-like consistencies I’ve seen. The red sauce has a light, sweet, and tangy flavor, with a somewhat fruity taste and a distinct hint of pineapple. While it’s not as sour as some other sweet and sour sauces like McDonald’s sauces variation, it pairs deliciously with Burger King’s chicken fries, whoppers, and crispy fried chicken.

Honey Mustard Sauce

What restaurant doesn’t have a honey mustard sauce? They all do, it just comes down to execution, and Burger King’s is just right! It has a sweet side that’s maintained by a satisfying mustard kick. A balance that performs perfectly on their crispy chicken tenders, grilled chicken sandwiches, and salads. You can even use it as a dipping sauce for Burger King’s onion rings or fries.

Ranch Sauce

A delicious ranch sauce is a must in Burger King’s Kingdom, and boy, have they made a tasty one. Burger King’s ranch sauce is both extra creamy and tangy. It uses rich buttermilk infused with savory garlic for just the right taste. It just has to be paired with their crispy chicken nuggets, tenders, salads, and wraps. But it pairs seamlessly with the chain’s jalapeno cheddar bites.

Burger King fries with a side of ranch sauce.

Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo Wild Wings sauces have a solid competitor with Burger King’s buffalo sauce. It has a tasty, creamy base mixed with a blend of spices and just the right amount of vinegar. Employing the best methods for thickening buffalo sauce helped win them an advantage with its smoother and dippable consistency. It’s not overwhelmingly spicy or sour, perfect for their chicken sandwiches, tenders, onion rings, and fries.

BBQ Sauce

The home of the burger needs the best BBQ sauce around, and they do! Burger King’s BBQ sauce is a deep brown, smoky, and tangy sauce with that perfect balance. Even the ways to thicken BBQ sauce they use helps meld the molasses, tomato paste, and a secret blend of spices for that thicker and richer flavor. You just have to pair it with their burger and chicken nuggets. It’s even better with their grilled chicken sandwiches.

Zesty Sauce

The Zesty sauce has all the tanginess and creaminess without the disappointment. The sauce has a slightly orange tint and one of the thickest textures among their dipping sauces. A beautiful pairing for the chain’s burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and anything you feel like dipping. The sauce’s sour tang and spicy flavor also make for a tasty addition to their Hokkaido Salmon.

Burger King burger with zesty sauce.

Ketchup Sauce

One of the simplest types of sauces at Burger King is actually one of the tastiest. This ketchup is a delicious blend of ripe, tangy tomatoes with just the right balance of sweetness and acidity. A tasty flavor combo for their golden and crispy onion rings, and of course, their crispy French fries.

Mayonnaise Sauce

A bold quest for flavor set forth by the King himself. Burger King’s take on a classic mayonnaise is both bold and simply delicious. Thanks to the tasty inclusion of ground mustard seeds and ingredients blended into the vinegar, the sauce has a nice zing to it. A perfect flavor for Burger King’s flame-grilled beef patties and the fiery buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap.

🧐 FAQs

Are sauces free at Burger King?

Yes, Burger King provides sauces for free with their meals. You can ask for ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, ranch, and other sauces at no extra cost.

Does the Whopper come with sauce?

Yes, the classic Whopper burger at Burger King comes with a signature sauce that includes ketchup, mayonnaise, and pickle relish.

Can you buy Burger King sauces in bottles?

No, Burger King sauces are not available for purchase in bottles for retail customers.

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