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What Sauces Does Hooters Have?

It isn’t just the fine service that brings droves of people coming back for more Hooters. A culmination of outstanding food and even more delicious sauces has captivated millions. But precisely what sauces does Hooters have? Well, you’ve got their classic hot sauce, their honey mustard sauce, and, of course, their signature Daytona Beach sauce

Though these aren’t the only sauces they have on offer, as you’ll soon find out. I’ll go into every sauce Hooters has to offer and give my side of things after trying various other fast food sauces. From some well-balanced to others blazing hot, these are all sauces Hooters have to offer.

All Hooters Sauces


The BBQ sauce from Hooters sauce has the perfect barbecue twist you never knew you wanted. If you fancy something saucy, sweet, and tangy barbecue wings, then this sauce will definitely hit the spot.

The first thing that hits you is the overwhelming but pleasant sweetness. It’s like a burst of sugary goodness that coats your taste buds. However, if you’re expecting a deep, smoky flavor, you might be a bit disappointed as the sweetness lingers longer without giving way to any significant smokiness.

Parmesan Garlic

The classic creamy, cheesy, and garlicky flavors make a return with the Parmesan Garlic sauce. The sauce is incredibly creamy, thanks to the sour cream base, and the generous amount of parmesan cheese gives it a rich and indulgent taste.

It’s perfect for those who appreciate the robust taste of garlic above all else. In fact, it’s so flavorful that it could easily double as a stand-alone salad dressing, adding a deliciously indulgent twist to your greens.

Samurai Teriyaki

The Hooters Samurai Teriyaki sauce is a perfect slash of sweet and savory flavors with a strong ginger punch followed by a cooling sweetness. It’s a lighter option for those who prefer less salty sauces and ends with a satisfying kick reminiscent of great take-out Japanese food. 

While it may make for a messier wing-eating experience due to its sticky nature, the flavorful yet mild combination of light soy sauce, sugar, sherry, and sesame oil truly makes it a worthwhile choice.

Samurai teriyaki Sauced Wings


The Hooters mild sauce was a real surprise for me. It’s quite remarkable that it packs more flavor than the Medium or Hot options. Despite its oily and buttery nature, the mild sauce stands out with its rich coating and a peppery kick.

It’s a versatile sauce, suitable for ribs, chops, shrimp, seafood, and dips. It’s particularly great with chicken wings. The fact that the ingredients are not disclosed adds a bit of mystery, but according to the employees, it’s completely butter-based, adding a rich and indulgent element to any dish.


The Hooters medium sauce boasts a thick, creamy texture that resembles mild cheese whiz more than traditional Buffalo sauce. It’s rich in buttery flavor with a subtle citrusy tang and a hint of vinegar. These unique characteristics make it stand out from other sauces.

Despite not being your typical Buffalo sauce, I found that it pairs well when making buffalo wings, ribs, and baked ham, adding a rich, indulgent flavor to each dish. If you’re looking to add a different twist to your favorite foods, consider trying out this sauce and see just how fantastic it is.


I found Hooters hot sauce to be quite an interesting experience. Contrary to my expectations, it’s not very spicy and has more of a buttery flavor with just a subtle hint of chili. The flavor is a blend of red peppers, vinegar, salt, and brown sugar, giving it a sweet and tangy profile with just a hint of heat.

The butteriness really does take over, and the heat never quite kicks in the way you’d expect from a typical hot sauce. It’s a perfect balance that works well with ribs, chops, shrimp, seafood, and dips, and of course, it’s delicious sauce for chicken wings, too.

Hooters Hot Sauced Wings

Chipotle Honey

A chipotle honey sauce with more downs than ups. This sauce is actually surprisingly versatile, adding a splash of heat and honey to give a blend of spice and sweetness. Yet despite this, it was sadly quite disappointing, to say the least. Despite its name, there wasn’t a hint of chipotle flavor in this sauce.

The honey is not the good kind either, as it tastes artificial and lacks the rich sweetness that one would expect. Even the consistency is thin, which only adds to the overall lackluster experience. But while it may not live up to its name, it can still be used to add a bit of flavor to various dishes, albeit not quite as expected.

General Tso’s

The Hooters General Tso’s sauce-coated chicken wing offers a spicy, flavorful coating that perfectly complements the moistness of the meat. The light and sweet flavor profile, accompanied by a burst of citrus, tantalizes the taste buds, while the subtle hint of chili leaves you craving more.

Crafted with a blend of dark soy sauce, rice wine, rice wine vinegar, sugar, cornstarch, dried red chili peppers, and garlic, this sauce delivers a symphony of flavors with slightly sweet and faintly spicy notes, combined with an orange and gingery twist.

Honey Sriracha

The Hooters honey sriracha sauce is undeniably messy, perhaps even the messiest of any wing sauce. However, I feel the flavors truly make up for this. The generous amount of sriracha brings plenty of spice to every bite, perfectly balanced by a present bit of honey sweetness that’s perfect for their chicken wings. 

Even the combination of heat and sweetness is well-executed, but some may find the honey flavor a bit too sweet. I’d say there is potential for Hooters to improve this sauce by finding a better balance between the heat and sweetness. 

Honey Sriracha Sauced Wings

Daytona Beach

All the way from the beaches of Daytona comes this special Daytona sauce. Being fond of the tangy kick of a Carolina barbecue sauce, I found the flavor profile of this sauce to be fantastic. It has a hint of smokiness and just the right amount of heat.

However, for those expecting a more intense, smoky, and seared-in flavor, you’re in for some bad news as it’s quite lacking. Though the blend of tangy vinegar and spicy kick still creates a memorable taste experience that’s sure to please barbecue enthusiasts.

3 Mile Island

What sauces does Hooters have you’re asking? Well let me introduce you to the Hooters 3 Mile Island sauce. It’s a butter-free hot sauce that offers a nice, crisp kick without being overly spicy. It has a traditional buffalo sauce base but stands out with a subtle heat that comes from aged red cayenne peppers, aged red Tabasco peppers, jalapeno peppers, and aged habanero peppers.

The sauce certainly has a bold name, perfectly matching its rich and bold flavor. 3 Mile Island sauce pairs amazingly well with ribs, porkchops, shrimp, seafood, and dips. It’s just a great option for those who enjoy a flavorful kick without overwhelming spiciness.

Spicy Garlic

Delicious, spicy, and garlicky all in one. That’s what Hooters spicy garlic sauce is. It starts with a subtle kick that gradually builds up after a few wings, complemented by a creamy undertone that prevents it from overwhelming your palate.

The sauce even boasts an intense garlic flavor, standing out as the most garlic-forward option among its peers. With a robust garlic-forward flavor, it’s versatile and adds great taste to meats, seafood, pasta, salads, eggs, and stir-fries.

Hooters Spicy Garlic Sauced Wings


It’s a nuclear sauce that doesn’t envelop your tongue in a mushroom of spice. The flavor profile reveals a sweet and peppery mix that can become quite addictive. It pairs well with fries and meat, but the nuclear combo of nuclear sauce and nuclear comes out as a winner. 

The sauce effectively coats the breading and meat with a pleasant acidity without overpowering the dish. The blend of cayenne, habanero, garlic, and other spices is discernible, and even those who aren’t fans of spicy food can likely tolerate it. 

Ghost Pepper

All the way from the ‘other side’ comes the ghost pepper sauce. A truly spine-tingling experience. It’s a fiery blend that takes the already-existing Nuclear sauce to a whole new level. The deep red color is almost intimidating, hinting at the heat that’s about to hit your taste buds.

The spicy blend of cayenne, habanero, garlic, and other spices brings a new dimension of heat and flavor, creating a mouthwatering experience for those who can handle the heat. The fiery heat of Hooters ghost pepper sauce adds a devilish spicy kick to perfectly crispy chicken wings and golden, seasoned fries.


What Are The Hottest Hooters Sauce?

The spiciest Hooters sauce is the Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, made with a blend of ghost, cayenne, and habanero peppers, garlic, and other spices. It packs a punch with 15,500 Scoville heat units, making it 15 times hotter than the hottest wing sauce on the Hooters menu and 45x spicier than the traditional Hot Sauce.

Do You Need To Pay Extra For Their Sauces?

No, you do not need to pay extra for their sauces. Hooters offer their sauces for free with your order of wings or other menu items. You can even ask for another sauce if you want to try different flavors.

Does Hooters Sauces Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes, Hooters sauces need to be refrigerated after opening. It’s important to store them in a cool place to maintain their freshness and flavor. You can keep the sauces in the refrigerator for up to two weeks after opening. If you have any doubts about the freshness of the sauce, it is best to discard it and get a fresh one.

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