5 Tasty Low Histamine Sauces

With so many common sauce ingredients being labelled as high histamine, it can be hard to find anything to put on your chicken or pasta or rice. So I’ve compiled 5 different low histamine sauce options you can make at home, with ingredients you probably already have!

5 Low Histamine Sauces

Basil Pesto Sauce

This is a classic low histamine sauce, as most iterations only have 3-5 ingredients, and the most important one (basil) is a potent antihistamine! I like this version because it offers a non-dairy, low histamine cheese substitute that nicely rounds out the basil flavor.

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Nomato Sauce

When you have to eat a low histamine diet, tomatoes are unfortunately one of the first casualties. As such, tomato sauce, salsas, pizza sauce, ketchup, and even a lot of the typical dipping sauces are no longer an option. This is where “nomato” sauces like this one come in, as they mimic tomato sauces without the actual tomato products.

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Roasted Pepper Sauce

This bell pepper-based sauce is somewhat of a mock tomato sauce, but rather than using root vegetables and spices to mimic tomato sauce, it adds its roasted own twist on the flavors of a classic red sauce. It’s great for pasta or for pizza, for those who’ve found a tolerable crust.

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LH Curry Sauce

Curries tend to use 10+ different spices to achieve their complex flavors, but not all of those are low histamine, nor are the many other flavor components. So while this recipe specifically is part of a whole dish prepared with chicken & veggies, you can also follow the recipe below without adding the chicken, squash, and kale, and just jar the resulting sauce to keep in the freezer.

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LH BBQ Sauce

While sugar is highly inflammatory and therefore discouraged on the low histamine diet, this BBQ sauce combines fresh fruits and lower histamine sweeteners to reduce glycemic load. The recipe below creates a thick, moderately-spiced BBQ sauce worthy of grilled meats and grilled veggies alike.

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