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What Sauces Does Wingstop Have?

What sauces does Wingstop have? Well, with how the restaurant sauces like Church’s Sauces and Del Taco sauces have captured the nation, I’d say it’s high time we jumped right in and answered this question. There are a few popular Wingstop sauces like the Original Hot, Louisiana Rub, and Garlic Parmesan sauce.

But this isn’t where it ends. From hidden gems to fan-favorite classics, let’s go over all Wingstop sauces for you!

💡 All Flavors And Wingstop Sauces

Original Hot Sauce

The pinnacle of Wingstop sauces. The one and only original hot sauce is a classic combination of heat and tang that gives the chain’s wings a flavorful kick. They use the best techniques for a thicker hot sauce, making for a deep red color. Made with a blend of chili peppers, vinegar, and butter, this hot sauce is ideal for adding a spicy kick to chicken wings and boneless tenders or drizzling over a crispy filet.

Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce

Wingstop’s hickory-smoked BBQ sauce is just a bundling ball of flavors. They know how to thicken BBQ sauce to just the right texture for dipping and flavor. From the taste alone, you can tell they’ve put in some liquid hickory smoke, chipotle sauce, cayenne pepper, and more to give it that intense, robust taste. All this flavor is just perfect for dipping chicken wings, tenders, and any kind of meat.

Mild Sauce

Now, this mild sauce variation from the franchise is nothing to scoff at. It captures the essence of the original hot sauce without the fiery kick. Wingstop mild sauce offers a delicious balance of tangy vinegar and subtle heat. Perfect for those who prefer a milder spice level. It’s perfect for spicy chicken sauce recipes and even as a sauce for pork chops, enhancing their delicious, meaty flavors.

Spicy Korean Q Sauce

A spicy Korean Q sauce that’s hard to skip over. Wingstop brings together the boldness of ginger and garlic with the fiery kick of Sriracha and crushed red pepper in their Spicy Korean Q sauce. It’s very hot and offers quite an intense experience when all the flavors come together in one sitting. The sauce is perfect for adding a fiery kick to various meats and even complementing other Asian sauces.

Hawaiian Sauce

The Hawaiian sauce featured at Wingstop is a true taste experience for the taste buds. The flavor is reminiscent of orange chicken but with a ton more citrus and spice. What’s fantastic about this sauce is that it’s not spicy at all, and unlike most sweet sauces, it won’t overpower you. The hints of citrus, pineapple, and apple add a tasty, refreshing, and tropical touch.  

Cajun Sauce

I mean, at this point, a Cajun sauce is just a necessity, but Wingstop’s Cajun Sauce is a sight to behold. It’s a unique blend of warmth and bold, zesty flavors. It offers a buttery texture with a hint of vinegar. It’s also seasoned with some typical Cajun spices, creating a fusion of heat and savory notes. This sauce pairs exceptionally well with Cajun wings and Cajun fried corn, providing a flavorful experience for heat and flavor seekers alike.

Atomic Sauce

If you thought Mango Habanero sauce was hot, then this one will definitely surprise you. The Wingstop Atomic sauce is the hottest option available for heat seekers. The sauce is created by blending carefully chosen Louisiana peppers with vinegar, resulting in a bold and intense flavor. It’s best suited for those who enjoy scorching hot, tear-jerking hot sauce experience, so go ahead and slap some on those chicken wings.

Mango Habanero Sauce

This is a mango habanero sauce you never would have expected to be so good. The sweetness of the mango gives it a very tropical and delicious flavor, while the habanero kicks in full throttle with its tasty heat. This sauce isn’t for those weary of spice, as it’s extremely hot, but there are some ways to make sauce less spicy. So, you can enjoy the sweet and tropical flavor without the heat.

Chicken wings sauced with Wingstop's Mango Habanero sauce.

Teriyaki Sauce

Wingstop’s teriyaki sauce is a remarkable take on traditional Japanese flavors and has quickly become a fan favorite. They also have the best ways to make teriyaki sauce thicker and richer for the palate. The delightful blend of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin-like flavors creates a glaze that’s both sweet and subtly tangy, with a beautiful caramelized finish. The combination of soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, and ground ginger is a boiling pot of flavor that’ll pair beautifully with chicken wings and tenders.

Garlic Parmesan Sauce

You won’t be asking what sauces Wingstop has after this one. It’s one of the more popular Wingstop sauces, and for good reason. The garlic parmesan sauce has a dry rub flavor with savory garlic and a buttery Parmesan cheese profile. The savory richness of the Parmesan cheese perfectly complements the robustness of the garlic. It does also lack the heat present in many other sauces, which can spell great news for those who want a milder taste.

Lemon Pepper Sauce

Now, this dry rub is a simple but delicious fusion that combines the flavors of hearty pepper and zesty lemon. It’s one of the restaurant’s most popular flavors and is known for its iconic concentrated lemon with hints of black pepper. The sauce is not at all spicy but does offer a mild spice from the cracked black pepper, complementing the tang of the lemon zest.

Lemon Pepper Sauce

Louisiana Rub Sauce

The Wingstop Louisiana Rub is a game-changer for anyone who loves a flavorful, crispy dry rub. It has a hint of garlic and a touch of Deep South Cajun. As soon as you sink your teeth into these wings, you’re hit with the perfect combination of hints of garlic and very prominent Cajun spice flavors. It also falls into the mild heat category, so if you can handle a bit of burn, this is the wing for you. 

🧐 FAQs

What are the best flavored sauces from Wingstop?

Some of the most popular flavors include lemon pepper, garlic parmesan, and original hot. If you’re looking for a milder flavor, try the hickory-smoked BBQ or the Louisiana rub. For something with a boatload of spice, try the mango habanero or the atomic.

What is the spiciest sauce at Wingstop?

The spiciest sauce at Wingstop is the atomic sauce. It’s made with a blend of habanero and cayenne peppers, and it’s not for the faint of heart. But if you’re looking for something with a little less heat, the Mango Habanero sauce is a good option.

Can I purchase sauces from Wingstop?

Yes, you can purchase Wingstop sauces to take home with you. They come in a variety of flavors, including original hot, garlic parmesan, and lemon pepper. You can buy them in-store or online, and they’re perfect for adding some extra flavor to your homemade wings or other dishes.

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