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11 Delicious and Easy to Make Wing Sauces

Finding that perfect sauce for chicken wings will leave you spoilt for choice. You could be reheating chicken wings or have a fresh batch you don’t know what to do with. With hundreds of delicious sauces for chicken out there, which one should you use? Well, the crispy skin of chicken wings need to have an equally delicious sauce, and I’ve got the best wing sauces out there!

Some wings sauces you can use are blue cheese dressing, BBQ sauce, honey mustard sauce, and a lemon pepper sauce. But this isn’t all the chicken wing sauces you can use, so let’s cover them all!

📌 Popular Wing Pairings

Celery and Carrot Sticks: This vegetable pairing is a healthier and simpler-to-prepare option with a refreshing and delicious crunch to each bite.

French Fries: These crispy and salty delights are a classic pairing for any dish. The texture alone perfectly fits the creamy nature of chicken wings sauces. 

Coleslaw: Coleslaw is in itself a creamy and tangy pairing for chicken wings with a perfect cooling element that’s very refreshing. You can stop both a spicy sauce for an even better contrast.

Macaroni and Cheese: The creamy and cheesy goodness of macaroni and cheese gives chicken wings all the flavors it needs. Paired with a spicy sauce, and it gets even tastier.

💡 Best Sauces for Wings

Buffalo Wing Sauce

Buffalo wings sauce resides over other wings sauces as the one true flavor King. It’s a classic hot buffalo sauce with every ounce of flavor backing it. The delicious but simple combo of hot sauce, butter, vinegar, and cayenne pepper gives it its iconic tangy and spicy kick. A perfect flavor fusion for some crispy chicken wings. Buffalo Wild Wing sauces and Wingstop sauces feature some delicious versions you can use.

BBQ Sauce

When can you ever go wrong with a BBQ sauce? It’s the embodiment of smoky and rich flavors. The BBQ sauce, brown sugar, and honey combo are just hard to resist, giving it that splash of sweetness but smoky undertones. Using some ways to thicken BBQ sauce will give a richer texture and even better flavor. This new texture will work wonders when slow-cooked, allowing those flavors to deeply penetrate the wings.

Teriyaki sauce

Who doesn’t love chicken teriyaki? A teriyaki sauce glaze can sort out all your wing sauce problems. It has all the sweet and savory goodness you could ever want. This tasty flavor comes from the simple yet simply delicious combination of soy sauce, sugar, and ginger to create a sticky and irresistible glaze. Variations may include honey or brown sugar as ways to thicken teriyaki sauce and amp its sweetness.

Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce

This simple blend of flavors has the perfect zing and kick to it. Garlic lemon butter sauce coats chicken wings in a fantastic tangy and savory blend of fresh lemon juice, minced garlic, and butter. Dipped, draped, or slow-cooked with it, it’s one of the easiest sauces for chicken wings to make!

Lemon Pepper Sauce

Another deliciously simple blend you can make is a zesty lemon pepper sauce. Just some butter, lemon juice, and black pepper will give you the pure citrusy flavors of lemon, backed by the piney and bold kick of black pepper. A pure mixture of flavors that’s just right for any home cook can make!

Mango Habanero Sauce

You can’t get any better than sweet and spicy, but what about throwing in some delicious fruity flavors? That’s where the mango habanero sauce comes in. These fantastic flavors come from its flavor-packed combination of ripe mangoes and fiery habanero peppers. It’s flavor and consistency makes it one of the tastiest sauces for chicken wings. The sauce selection from Wingstop has an equally delicious version that you can try. 

Chicken wings sauced with mango habanero sauce.

Blue Cheese Dressing

The cheesy, tangy, and rich flavor this classic salad dressing has is perfect for chicken wings. Blue cheese dressing is a fantastic creamy blend that fuses rich tanginess with the savory delight of cheese. These delicious flavors are thanks to a tasty blend of tangy blue cheese, buttermilk, and savory seasonings. A thick consistency that oozes flavor when dipped with the crispy skin of chicken.

Honey Mustard Sauce

There’s no beating a classic. Honey mustard sauce is tailored perfectly as a sauce for chicken wings. It has everything you need. The delicious sweet flavor of honey and the pungent, spicy mixture of mustard. This flavor-packed combo is thanks to the honey, Dijon mustard, vinegar, and mayonnaise blend. McDonald’s sauce selection has a delicious version you can also try using.

Ranch Dressing

Chicken wings and ranch dressing are a flavor combo you don’t want to miss out on. It’s the most delicious sauce you can pick up, with a texture that’s perfect for dipping wings into. The creamy and zesty flavor comes from its buttermilk, herbs, and spices blend. The refreshing and cool nature of this tasty sauce nicely balances out the flavors of spicy chicken.

Peruvian Green Sauce (aji verde)

Spicy and herby? This is exactly what chicken wings need. Peruvian green sauce is proof that a spicy, herby mixture of cilantro and aji Amarillo is hands down delicious. I mean, aji Amarillo, cilantro, garlic, queso fresco, mayonnaise, and lime juice? It’s flavor upon layers of flavor. The fresh burst of rich creaminess and delicious tanginess will coat chicken wings with all the flavor you could ask for.

Maple Sriracha Glaze

Fusing one of the tastiest Asian sauces with the sweet, sweet goodness of maple syrup. Maple Sriracha Glaze is a purely delicious combination of sweet maple syrup and fiery Sriracha chili sauce. The maple syrup, Sriracha sauce, soy sauce, and rice vinegar combo blend perfectly with each other to form a coating that glazes chicken wings with a fantastic sweet and fiery flavor.

🧐 FAQs

What wing sauces are keto friendly?

Keto-friendly wing sauces include options such as traditional buffalo sauce, garlic Parmesan sauce, lemon pepper sauce, dry rubs with keto-friendly seasonings, and sugar-free barbecue sauce.

What are the best chicken wing dips?

The best chicken wing dips include classic choices such as blue cheese dressing and ranch dressing. Other popular options are tangy barbecue sauce and zesty buffalo sauce.

What is the most common wing flavor?

The most common and popular wing flavor is Buffalo, known for its tangy and spicy profile. This classic flavor is often associated with a combination of hot sauce, butter, and other seasonings.

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